A Conversation with Rhonika Jones. . . Domestic Violence & It’s Impact On Families

Mrs. Rhonika Jones

Mrs. Rhonika Jones, CEO and founder of the Share My Kickz Foundation, Professional Counselor, Victim Advocate, and Positive life Coach has been gracious enough to join me for a conversation on domestic violence on Friday, Feb. 1st.  She has agreed to take some questions in advance.  Keep the conversation going. . .

Please send your questions here or place on my Nikki Walker Book page.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Smiles, Hugs and Kisses!


4 thoughts on “A Conversation with Rhonika Jones. . . Domestic Violence & It’s Impact On Families

  1. I’m really curious about whether the dynamics of an abusive relationship can change. We know that individuals can change, but when a relationship has been made dysfunctional in that way, is it possible to make it functional again. In other words, can a relationship that had physical abuse in it ever transform or is it the common wisdom that that couple should remain apart?

    • Rhonika says, “There has been couples that have been able to stay together and have a healthy relationship but in order to make that possible both individuals will need to learn how to communicate effectively , learn how to express their feelings and anger in a nonviolent manner, and want to change but more importantly puts forth the proper effort into creating a environment they can both respect, love, and be happy with themselves as a couple and individually.”

  2. Rhonika Jones: “Yes you are correct I complete safety plans with victims and create a checklist that composes of the following items if they have them, Cash and checks, a set of Clothes and personal items for you and your children, any medications, all important phone numbers, and encourage them to make copies of their important papers …. driver’s license if they don’t have one a picture ID, their birth certificate and children , health insurance cards and children’s immunization records information, , rent receipts, marriage license.”

  3. I learned in my psychology class that the most important thing a woman needs to leave a domestic violence situation, I.e. socials, birth certificates, shot records, etc; is this true for the most part? Typically the man keeps all vital paperwork.

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