So . . . I was toying around with the idea. . .

redemptive pt 2    So I was toying around with releasing Redemptive Acts Part II earlier than February 15th.  What do you think?  In a vote who would like to see it released sooner?


An excerpt:

The idea of mothering a child that she could subconsciously not love scared her.  She covered her mouth to muffle the sob that climbed up out of her.  How many times had she felt unloved, discarded and inconsequential?  It took a long time before she felt the care rendered by her great aunt.  She knew first-hand the difference in being taken care of and truly being cared for. She’d been given everything she needed by other relatives, except what she wanted and at times craved, a hug and the words, “I love you.” Every child should feel a sense of safety, without the fear of losing their home.   They needed to know they could make a mistake and while the act could be hated, they never would be.  These were all the things that she wanted to convey to her child and now she wondered if this could be the birthright of her child.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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