A Conversation with Rhonika Jones. . . Domestic Violence & It’s Impact On Families

Mrs. Rhonika Jones

Mrs. Rhonika Jones, CEO and founder of Share My Kickz Foundation, Professional Counselor, Victim Advocate, and Positive life Coach has been gracious enough to join me for a conversation.

Please share your background and what motivated you to choose this field in which to work?

I love helping people and it has became my passion over the years of working with various individuals. I love what I do and its a very humbling experience to witness the people you work with get to a better place in their lives.

Please share with us the mission and goals of the Share My Kickz Foundation.

The mission of Share My Kickz Foundation is to  build healthy relationships through family activities that build children’s self-esteem, character, confidence, and respect for others. We provide shoes to children that are primary or secondary victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, free of charge, in our local communities. We collect new or gently used children’s shoes. The shoes we collect are provided primarily to local women shelters that directly serve children victims and any other children in need of shoes.

Our goals are: 

 •To help each child begin their life free of domestic violence. By encouraging children to donate their used shoes to children less fortunate than themselves, we are helping them learn about healthy relationships at an early age.

•To assist each child in starting a better foundation free of violence, and positively affecting their growth and development in the  in the process.

•To work with local women shelters, to ensure every child victim has shoes to stand tall in against domestic violence and sexual assault.


This foundation is a family affair, please share with us your husband’s background and role?

My husband is very supportive of everything I do so when share my kickz idea came across he was just excited about it as me and we instantly started coming together with ideas . He is my right hand man and the COO of the organization. He comes up with excellent ideas and really gets involved with our whole mission 100 percent. He is currently working on a program he will be leading for men in our community. He really wants to help and encourage the men to step up and get involved against domestic violence.

There is a heartwarming experience on your site involving your daughter Raya.  How was she instrumental in the name of the foundation and is that why you focus on shoes for victimized families?

My daughter Ray-Ray is such a doll , she is just like her mom and loves to help people. I actually got our organization name from her. She has this one favorite pair of shoes she calls her “kickz” and she has had them since she was 2 yea old well 2yrs later she still has them and takes them with her every where she goes. She decided she finally would part ways with them and give them to another little girl who needed them with my encouragement she was able to do it and we came up with Share My Kickz Foundation.

I noticed you have age appropriate programs available through your foundation.  Please tell us about these?

Share My Kickz Foundation will hold Workshops that build Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence. We want to enrich children with the life skills to build strong character to help them create a positive path for life. Share My Kickz Foundation provides a means for children in the community to become empowered and motivated by education. We want to empower our children by protecting, healing, and teaching them by allowing them the chance to grow outside of their comfort zone and encourage them to strive for the best. We cater primary education to children 4-12 years of age that are coming from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Also we have offer these groups  Classy Kickz -Teenage Girl Group ages 13-18,  Standing Tall in My Kickz -Teenage Boy Group ages 13-18, and  Take a Walk in My Kickz- Adult Women Survivor Volunteer program.

In addition to these programs, we hold multiple fundraising events throughout the year that allow children in our community to interact positively with their parents while collecting kickz for children victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. We provide education on domestic violence and introduce awareness to children in our community at an early age.

Please share with us highlights in your role as Victim Advocate?

Working as a victim advocate is a tough role because I wear so many different roles throughout the day. I am also a Professional  Counselor so in between the busy role as a victim advocate I take time to have counseling sessions with my victim clients to get to know them on a level that invites the opportunity for change. As a Victim Advocate for victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault I provide direct counseling, education, and advocacy to them.  On a daily basis I am needed at the hospital, the police and sheriff departments and at court to assist victims. I work closely with schools, colleges and other community services to provide education to the community on Domestic Violence.


Well thank you so much for taking time out to drop by and share such informative insight into the work that you do.  I hope it won’t be your last time!  I will continue to field questions as they are sent.  Thank you in advance for graciously answering these.


Please check out information on the Share My Kickz Foundation website.


Please send your questions here or place on my Nikki Walker Book page.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Smiles, Hugs and Kisses!



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