Why WRSRG Has Captured My Heart!

WRSRG meeting spot

Why WRSRG Has Captured My Heart!

First of all, most of us use the acronym because the full title is long-very long. I have to even check the actual words on the occasions that I decide to write it all out.  However, the words do have meaning, Writer’s Review & Support Resource Group–and that meaning is felt by each member upon joining.

I remember the day the group went live.  All that was absolutely certain by the founder, Nia Forrester was that she wanted a space that felt collaborative and liberating for each member as they contributed and developed.  No one author would have a platform but rather each member, regardless of whether it is a seasoned author, a ‘newbie’ or reader would have an equal voice,.

Well this vision has been realized to become what it is today.  A place of encouragement and mutual support.

For most artists there is an ego, even with the most modest of persons.  But at WRSRG the ego is checked at the door.  We all focus outside ourselves to encourage each other.

Resources come in different forms.  It can be by means of a video or article contributed by a member.  And there is the Review part.  We are encouraged to do reviews to support one another.  There is even a place for the aspiring writing or writer with something in process. Tons of support will come from Beta Reader volunteers.

Then there is what’s become a hallmark of WRSRG–our events! Through our events, we learn so much!  From the marketing side of the business to the discipline of writing.  So the event is both a resource and form of support.  I’m happy to say that our events are pretty unique.  Our virtual room is full of warmth and support.  Despite the fact that most of us have never met each other, it feels as if we have. If I were to envision our meeting place in real life it would look much like the picture I attached.  We had the highlight event, in my opinion last Friday, when Miss Brenda Jackson joined us for our first FanChat interview with one of our authors, LV Lewis, on a teleconference!  It was wonderful and I’ve listened to the recorded interview again already!  So many nuggets of wisdom!

I guess I could gush about WRSRG for days.  But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the great admins starting with the founder, Nia Forrester, The instructor and sometimes enforcer of the rules, Christopher Bynum, The Social and Event Coordinator, Aja Graves, and last, but certainly not least, the support admin, Levon Franklin.

It’s great here at WRSRG!  If you’re not already a member, drop in sometime.  We’d love to have you!



5 thoughts on “Why WRSRG Has Captured My Heart!

  1. I just became a member last week and already I feel like I’m family! I’ve never felt so much encouragement, acceptance, and fervor for the written word as I have with the WRSRG! It’s hard for me to leave the page because I feel like I might miss out on something. I can’t help but thank Deloris for inviting me in!

    Thank you, WRSRG for giving aspiring authors like me a place to belong!

  2. I’m a reader & member of the group, and I love it there! All the authors there are very friendly, encouraging, and helpful. There are no power struggles here, everyone is on an even platform! C’mon by, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

  3. Nikki doesn’t mention in this blog that she was also an admin and founding member of WRSRG, still does almost all our artwork and is relentless about sharing new ideas, chasing down elusive authors for events and sending me “suggestions” for improvement at 3:30 a.m. Much of what we do on WRSRG could not be done without her old-fashioned elbow grease, good wishes and support.

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