“Been There & Done That” ~In Flames

been there and done that corrected


Andrea Nicholls-Fountaine is grieving the loss of her daughter, trying to make sense of how her world is suddenly upended with one phone call. She decides to keep her daughter’s memory alive by creating a business doing the very thing that they shared.  When Andrea is suddenly finds herself attracted to the handsome detective Zane Perkins, she decides she is not ready for it-been there, done that. This is one complication she can do without in her life. Detective Zane Perkins decides to show her she’s wrong.


An excerpt from “Been There & Done That”~In Flames.

“Oh. I’d love to hear you expound.”  Andrea smiled as she placed the jars inside their perspective baskets.

“Would you now?” Zane taunted as he turned his stool so that Andrea was forced to face him.

Andrea shrugged her eyebrows.  “Why do you ask me like that?”

“Oh, now we get to the questions that I’ve already warned you to be cautious using.”

“You’re a mess. Your bark is worse than your bite.” Andrea exclaimed as she attempted to walk around the other side of the table.

However, Zane grasped her arm and pulled her to him. “Now how would you know about my bark or my bite?”  He asked peering down into her face as he clasped his hands behind her back.

“I don’t have t-time for this Zane.” Andrea said as she pushed against his chest.

“I’ve been at the location you are.  But let me tell you where I am now,” he said holding her even as she tried to move away.  He leaned down and rubbed his cheek against hers, whispering in her ear.  “Right now I’m at the intersection of Attracted & Extremely Interested. Since I met you, I’ve been in the neighborhood of Intrigued & Responsive to your eyes and your smile and lately your laugh. After learning more about your side gig, I’ve been circulating Fascination and Curious.  Now I just wonder how I can get you to move from the corner of your lonely island to meet me halfway to Let’s Get to Know Each Other and we can take it at whatever pace you’d like.”

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