In Search of a Healing Place is Finally here!

flatecovernewtyMy new story, In Search Of A Healing Place, is Tyrone Wheeler’s story of redemption.  Anyone that has read Redemptive Acts knows that Tyrone was a very self-indulged man that made the grave mistake of raping Cherise. I was torn between making him a monster or  making him a man that was in the habit of making many emotionally immature mistakes.  I decided on the latter.

I made this one about the issues of Tyrone. I wanted to  take the reader on the journey of his growth as person, a man and a father, once he has been released from jail and finds his old life of comfort and ease are indeed things of the past.

You will also get to know Tyrone and Jonathan’s parents as well as catch up on Cherise and Jonathan’s relationship.  Their marriage may have taken care of some issues, but as you can imagine, things done in haste don’t give the opportunity for trust and security to solidify.  In the void of these, questions of doubt may surface.  All of this is explored and more in my storyIn Search of a Healing Place.  I hope you will enjoy this relationship-drama and, as always, please be sure to leave a review!

These are who I envision as the cast of In Search of a Healing Place:

Tyrone                           Farryn               Jonathan & Cherise            Diamond

tyrone new 4-11thCA5LPWOA75674372mikaela2

Elise Wheeler        Blake Wheeler       Miriam

thCARE8JJSjonathan fatherruby

Sonia                                      Brenda

Danielle-Nicolet           brenda the maid

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