Great Reviews for In Search of a Healing Place!


I am so appreciative of all the reviews that I’ve gotten so far for In Search of a Healing Place.  I appreciate all feedback–even if you don’t like it!  Thank you so much and I hope to continue to write what touches people’s hearts.  Please don’t hesitate to post a review for my books and if the word ‘review’ scares you, a blurb is just fine!  Thanks a bunch!

Here are some that I’ve gotten so far:

Wow!  At first when I read the introduction, I thought another rape book. But I got an eye opening on allowing God into your life and how healing can happen. Before I read this book I could not imagine forgiving someone for committing crime of that nature. Cherise example of forgiveness as being part of the healing progress can be utilized with any problems. Ty came off with just enough arrogant  after getting out of jail to keep you wondering if he would remember the counseling he received and the constant reading of the Bible to learn about a God he didn’t know. Jon story caused the most compassion in the book. Being a twin, cleaning up messes, and nurturing his fragile relationship with his wife showed the depth that a man would go through for the love of his woman. A story well written. I wish I had read the first book before I read this one. An excellent read.


Straight up, Tyrone was a mess. He was arrogant, snide, and rude and had no problem taking what clearly was not his. At least that was the old Tyrone.  The Tyrone in this story has taken advantage of the opportunity to grow and mature while in prison. Yet there are still those closest to him that do not fully believe that he is redeemed because of all of the drama and havoc that he created. It is time for Tyrone to talk the talk and walk the walk, but can he? Can a man that has been so careless with his own life, reconcile his past and move forward?? Read it the book and find out. Excellent read.


The second chance Diva is back with book 3 in the Redemptive Series and I don’t hate Tyrone anymore. How she did it? Enter this journey of self evaluation, self forgiveness and self deserving. Nikki Walker weave a tale of fragile binds and uses faith, love and trust to strength them. After reading parts I and II can you forgive like Cherise? Trust like Farryn or change like Tyrone. These books makes you question your faith, your ability to forgive and understanding and embracing your self worth. This is the best book in the series!


I liked this book its good to see Tyrone get his act together and find happiness . Diamond stole the show here character bounced off the pages made me want to hold her an get one of her kisses. If you are looking for a sweet love story this is the one for you.


In Search of A Healing Place brings healing to Jonathan, Cherise and Tyrone.  Jonathan and Tyrone are twins.  onayhan has been the “clean -up guy” after Tyrone rapes and impregnates a  young, innocent student,  Cherise.  Jon marries Cherise and Tyrone serves jail time.  Ms. Walker has written a beautiful story of forgiveness, love and healing.  I need more stories like this.  🙂


I have read the Redemption Series by this author and I think this is close to being my favorite book in the series.  The author shows how one man, Tyrone Wheeler is forced to come to terms with the mistakes he made including serving jail time for the rape of his now sister in law, Cherise. When Tyrone re-enters the world, he has to make adjustments as life as he knew it has changed.  No longer is everything served on a silver platter for him.  He is living in an apartment with hardly any of the bare essentials.  He no longer has the high powered position in his family’s company.  He has been demoted to mailroom supervisor.  Tyrone has come to terms with his wrongdoing but will he be forgiven by his family?  Will Cherise allow him to see the little girl that was conceived from the rape?

If you have read this Redemption Series, you will find you are able to relate to one character or another.  It causes us to look within ourselves and make decisions that we might not have normally made.  Are you ever able to forgive the wrongdoer?  One click and see how you will feel if you were Cherise, Jon or Tyrone.

**** I was a beta reader for this book ****


I’ve read all of the books in this series and while I enjoyed them all, this one is my favorite. This book continues the story of twin brothers Jonathan and Tyrone, sons of wealthy hotel owner, Blake Wheeler. While Jon turned out to be mature and responsible in spite of their privileged upbringing, Tyrone took full advantage of his good looks and access to the Wheeler fortune to become a womanizer and ultimately rapes and impregnates Cherise, a shy college-aged girl. While trying to figure out what to do, Cherise meets and marries Jon, who always seems to step in to fix his twin’s issues. Once the baby is born, they all begin to see how Tyrone’s selfish act has affected the entire family–and they are all in need of healing. I highly recommend this book as it has situations and circumstances that everyone can relate to. Author Nikki Walker handled the many twists and turns in the story masterfully. I guarantee you will find yourself in at least one of these well-crafted characters and maybe even find your own healing place.


thCAPDKV5A   An Excerpt:

Cherise awakened as the sun rays danced across her face.  She stretched and reached across to Jon’s side of the bed, but realized quickly she was alone.  Maybe she knew that before she opened her eyes.  Still, her mind replayed the love play that had gone on between them until the early hours of the morning.  For the first time, she felt that Jonathan had held nothing back.  She smiled as she thought of the way he’d held her, loved her, kissed her passionately with a need they both had between them.  A need she had been aware of somewhere deep down within her inner depths.  She had cried when they finally collapsed against the sheets.  She dragged her hands against her mouth and smiled even as tears slid down her face.

She hadn’t known it could feel that way—that anything could feel that way.  Never had she felt so loved and cherished.  She turned over, grabbed his pillow, and pulled it close inhaling his scent.  The ache within her opened and she sobbed.  She missed him.  She wanted to awaken in his arms this morning and instead he was gone.  She couldn’t help wondering if the impasse that had been bridged the night before was only temporary.  Throwing the covers back, she dragged herself upright.  She felt love drugged.  She moved into her bathroom and took the time to draw a hot bath.  She poured her oils into the water and as she sat on the side of the tub, she inhaled the fragrant water.  She regretted that it was about to quickly cover the scent that they’d created together.  With a sigh, she slipped into the water and let her head loll back on the bath pillow.

Suddenly her head snapped up.  She looked into the dark eyes of her husband.  Their gaze remained connected, neither of them saying a word.

He had a mug in his hand that he slowly placed on the lip of the tub.  He smiled.  “Good morning, my love.”  He leaned down and kissed her softly on her lips.  “How are you?”

She smiled and then felt the tears slide unbidden down her face.   He knelt down and moved closer to her pulling her against him.  “What’s wrong babe?”

“I-I thought you’d left without saying good-bye,” she whispered before sobbing against his shoulder.

“No.  Oh no, sweetheart.  No, I could never do that after…I could never, sweetie.  I love you so much.  Do you hear me?”

Cherise nodded, feeling silly.  Of course he loved her.  He stood by her didn’t he? He took her in against his own brother’s actions, right?

He pulled back from her and began to undress swiftly before he slid into the tub pulling her onto him.  “I know we’ve been through… something, but I love you, babe.  I will never stop loving you.  You should know that.  Look at me.  Don’t you know that?”

She wanted to tell him— she did.  She wished that she could say that she was sure beyond anything in life, but the truth was there was this whisper of doubt that seemed to permeate her very being.  It colored things and it made her feel like she was losing him even when he was in front of her.  She didn’t say any of this, though.  She was too afraid of ruining this moment, so she merely nodded her head and lifted the corners of her mouth into what she hoped was a sexy moue, before she leaned forward and kissed him.  She pulled back, and looked into his eyes and was happy to see that she’d pleased him.  She liked that.  She wound her arms around his neck and let him take the lead in the dance to which she was quickly growing adept.

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