REDEMPTIVE SERIES only $2.50 Thursday through Monday!

Redemptive Series Flat

Read the entire REDEMPTIVE SERIES from beginning to end, beginning with the fateful twist of Cherise’s night out. Cherise has felt alone and unloved much of her life.  Now pregnant as the result of a rape she has nowhere to turn and feels forced to accept the kindness from the least likely person of all–the brother of her rapist.

For the sake of her unborn child, Cherise makes some hard decisions based on the faith inculcated by her late great aunt. It may seem that Cherise is the only one in need of redemptive acts but in fact, this entire family is in need of healing beginning with Tyrone, the person responsible for the rape and impregnation of Cherise.

Take the redemptive journey with this family as they find their healing–Redemptive Acts & In Search of a Healing Place together, this weekend for only $2.50!


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