John Thasaint is in my Chat Chair!

Favorite saying:

“Life is the perfect song, The one you’re with is the inspiration.”

John ThaSaintToday I am interviewing a writer of a different sort!  Musician and producer John Thasaint is in my Chat Chair!   Take a seat and get to know a little bit about the man whose name was given because he likes to be there for people.

Who is John Thasaint?
Part family man, part IT Technician, part artist, all Music– residing in New York.

Where are you from?
I am born and bred in the Bronx, NY

How was life growing up and how did that affect your choice to become a musician?
Through my pre-teen years I never fit in with the in crowd, I was quiet and had not a clue of what was cool aka (FRESH).  After being told I had no rhythm I made it my goal to become good at it. Hopefully I did. 

What inspires your music?
Past relationships, moments in life that made it seem everything was alright with family, parties, But most of all my wife and kids.

How often do authors approach you to compose music for them?
Actually not often at all. See what happened was… Lol! Sorry my sense of humor kicked in for a moment.

Back to the question at hand. This initially started with my wife, Ms. Prissy Parker who happened to be working on a book release project for Iris Bolling’s The Pendleton Rule– Iris is also one of her many favorite authors.  I had already been working on my music project and a particular song, (See My Love) that I produced, she felt would be  “perfect” for her project, considering there was a character from the book that was also a singer and music producer.  So I indulged her and then my wife also felt that I could use the opportunity as a spring board to present my music to the world for the first time.  From there it began.    Next, I  ran a contest for authors who were interested and the winners received exclusive songs, among these were Christopher Bynum, Nicety Couture, and Brenda Stokes Lee. These were the only authors that I actually produced songs for their perspective books.  Other than that, I am a regular music producer striving to get the best of soul music sound back to the public.

What would you like people to know that they may not know?

There are emotions beyond the music that words can not describe, so that is why I do not put in any. One thing we all share in common are emotions and I feel by leaving the melody in the song, it allows the listener to let their feelings out and hum or sing to it the way their heart tells them.

What lesson that you have learned in life, would you like to share to inspire others?
I have spent the greater deal of my mature life trying to help my friends and significant others how they can better their life from what they feel is going wrong. But in reality that’s all they know and feel uncomfortable out of their element. You can not change someone who does not want to is my lesson.

What music are you working on now? 

John Thasain music cover

I am currently working on my follow up album to LOVE CONFESSIONS called BRING BACK THE NIGHT coming August.  The album consist of late 80’s to 90’s R&B and smooth jazz that has energy, soul and emotions. the single “THE GOOD TIMES” gives a taste of what’s to come. There will also be a good selection of songs for the Quiet Storm lovers.

Check out his new smooth song,  The Good Times!  The album will consist of 14 songs with 2 bonus tracks with early purchase of the album!  Sooo try to get those orders in folks!

My kind of music! You can check for Thasaint’s music  on his website, Thasaint, or his Facebook page.

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