My Review of “Secret” and “The Art of Endings” by Nia Forrester

LV Lewis’ review of Nia Forrester’s The Art of Endings!

L. V. Lewis

Secret: A Novelflatecover-2

Nia Forrester is very good at creating characters that are vivid, believable, vulnerable, and deeply flawed. This talent makes it very easy for me to immerse myself in her stories because the characters come across as very authentic. In Secret, we have Shayla, a woman of some mystery who befriends (as much as she allows herself to be friends with anyone) Tessa, the sister of Trey Dennison, a DC attorney who becomes Shayla’s landlord. Prior to this turn events, Shayla was a member of the same gym as Trey. From this vantage point, she’s watched him working his charm on a slew of women.

Shayla has no misconceptions that she might be just the woman to tame him. All she wants is a brief sexual encounter, because after all, a woman also has needs. After getting what she wanted from him, what she didn’t bargain on was…

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