Deatri King-Bey is in my Chat Chair!

DeatriKing-Bey200You see this picture and immediately you will connect it with Deatri King-Bey,  a writer and recognized authority in her own right.   In 2008, her title Whisper Something Sweet won the Emma Award for Best Steamy Romance of the Year and she is currently the Chair of the Romance Slam Jam Organization, the place for readers and authors of Black deatri whisperromance meet.

She graces my Chat Chair to share some insights into who she is as an author, and what fuels her writing passion.  Just in case you’re not familiar with her body of work, here are just a few of her books.  Feel free to click on the covers below, they are Amazon linked.  You can also find her books on Barnes & Noble.

deatri 3rd timedeatri the seductiondeatri operationdeatri journeysdeatri diamonddeatri broken promisesDeatri teasedeatri saledeatri if only you knew

So, grab a beverage, relax and let’s get to know more about Mrs. King-Bey!

Who is Deatri King-Bey?  What are your passions outside of writing?

Outside of being a developmental editor and author, I’m a mother of three fantastic children, grandmother of the three best grandbabies ever, wife of Mr. Right, a systems analyst for a large hospital system, a mommy to my dog (yes he’s spoiled), a read and movie-aholic and a tad bit touched in the head (yes, I have papers). So, all-in-all, I’m your every day, run-of-the-mill gal.

That is so sweet! Where are you from?

Decatur, a small town in central Illinois. I currently live in Phoenix Arizona and love it. I HATED the cold weather.

Tell me about life growing up. How does it affect your writing?

I’m dyslexic and my parents were told I’d never learn how to read. Needless to say, I did learn how to read (no thanks to the school system). So I grew up with the outside world telling me what I couldn’t do and my family saying I can do and be anything I put my mind to. Yes. I listened to my family. Anywhooo, I come from a long line of story tellers. As children, we would sit in the large maple in front of my grandmother’s house and tell stories instead of watching television. My dad tells THE BEST stories. We are also all readers. Switching over to writing was a natural progression for me.

Amazing obstacles to overcome! When did you know you were a writer?

I didn’t realize or even want to write. I was perfectly happy editing and reading, but then I came upon numerous bad novels. My sister and IDeatri Beauty and the beast were in the bookstore and I was complaining. She told me to write a book of my own if I thought I could do better. I did. The next thing you know, I was hooked on writing.

What genre do you write?

I write romance and women’s fiction as Deatri King-Bey and dangerously-sexy suspense as L. L. Reaper.deatri black widow

Wow! I never knew your pen-name.  What motivates you to write?

The voices in my head. I put my psychosis to work. Seriously.

How much of what you write is based on personal experiences?

Not much. Though I put pieces of my personality into characters, my personal experiences don’t play large roles in my novels. Usually, something will happen in my real life that will wake one of the voices in my head to start telling his/her story.

deatri stolenWhat is your research process when preparing a book?

It depends on the topic and what I’m researching. If I’m researching a job I know nothing about, then I interview someone who has that job. If I’m researching a city or area I haven’t been to, I read information about the area then ask people about it. It all depends on what I’m researching as to the how.

What genre do you read? What authors do you admire?

I read everything except horror. My favorite genres are Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I admire so many authors. Beverly Jenkins, Shelia Goss, Lynn Emery and so many more.

What advice would you give others about writing & in general?

Writing is a business and should be treated as such. Learn and respect the craft. And, of course, read my book Become A Successful Author.deatri successful author

What are you working on and when can we expect a release?

I’m writing a short Christmas story for my Second Chances series and I’m writing the first book in my Precious Jewels series—an offshoot of the Write Brothers series.

Deatri only optionMy newest release is a contemporary romance, The Only Option.

Sane upwardly-mobile women don’t agree to enter into arranged marriages… Or do they?

Control freak Jonah Tazi comes from a long line of arranged marriages, but the thought of his parents picking his bride never sat well with him. Time is working against Jonah, so he reluctantly agrees to allow his father to find him a proper bride. Then he meets Isis and becomes infatuated with the vibrant, funny, and talented woman. A powerful man used to getting exactly what he wants, exactly when he wants it, he is unprepared when Isis doesn’t agree to his proposal immediately. Now he is determined to convince her (and everyone else) that he and Isis belong together. Jonah intends to be her only option.

Isis Michaels has always been sheltered by her father. The tables have turned, and now she must shelter him. Isis rearranges her life and will do whatever it takes to please her father during the time he has left—almost anything. It becomes clear that he wants to see her settled before he passes. Is marrying Jonah, a man she’s emotionally and physically attracted to but just met, her only option?

Chapter One

“Dad, you’re not choosing my wife.” Adjusting his earpiece, Jonah exited the elevator. Fifteen minutes early for an acquisition meeting, he considered himself late.

“You’re a lot closer to forty than thirty. People are starting to talk.”

“I don’t care.” Artwork lined either side of the hallway. The priceless collection had taken Jonah years to build and there were more pieces to acquire.

“Well, I do. Three years. Three years ago you promised to dedicate time to finding a wife.”

“I’ve been busy running a multibillion-dollar corporation.”

“I was just as busy as my father and his father before him. We’ve always had arranged marriages. That didn’t change when my father moved to this country. He did an excellent job of choosing my wife.”

“You’re divorced.” Jonah’s grandfather had moved his wife from Morocco to the United States shortly after their marriage. The majority of the family remained in Morocco and Spain along with many of their traditions. Jonah’s selection of a wife went beyond tradition. As the only son, Jonah believed it was his duty to produce at least one heir to carry on the Tazi name. Time had slipped by too quickly for him to find a wife. A control freak, he hated the idea of his father choosing his wife, but he didn’t see an alternative.

Attracted to the maturity of women his own age, if he waited much longer, the type of woman Jonah wanted wouldn’t be of childbearing age. “Fine, I’ll get married. I take it you have suitable options in mind?”

“Of course I do. I’ll have your assistant set up the meetings.”

“Speaking of meetings, I have one in thirteen minutes. We can talk later.” Jonah disconnected and continued along the hallway. Originally, he’d tried to acquire D. M. Solutions two years ago, but the owner wouldn’t consider his offer.

He rounded the corner, then stopped in his tracks. Few people had access to his private floor, so seeing a woman standing dangerously close to his Auguste Rodin sculpture shocked him. What drew him even more than her presence were her legs. Quite tall himself, he rarely met a woman who reached his shoulders. He’d give his Rembrandt to have her legs wrapped around him as he pushed into her.

Soon he’d be selecting a wife and other women would be off-limits. Currently a free man, Jonah had no intention of allowing the long-legged lovely to pass him by.

—End Sample—

Needless to say, Isis will not be passing him by. I hope you give The Only Option a try.

Well I’m sure I speak for many when I say your books for your Second Chances and Precious Jewels series are greatly anticipated!  Thanks so much for dropping by! It has been an honor to have you in my Chat Chair! 

Please continue to follow Deatri King-Bey on Twitter @DeatriKingBey, on her website Dee Writes, her Facebook, & Amazon pages.

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