Loving Gianni! Meet The Rosselini Family! Now Available on Amazon as paperback & Kindle!


                                                                                              Amazon Kindle Link:  http://amzn.to/1friXAt 

This story features a very accomplished woman, London Quarles.  She owns a professional organizing agency–she get a little touchy when people think of it as a maid service.  As you get to know her you will see why.

Her best friend and coordinator, Edwina (Winnie) Rossellini begs her to assist in getting the estate of her late Aunt Giadora ready for sale and in the middle of that, London crosses paths with her handsome cousin Gianni, the black sheep of the family.  A terrible lie sends him fleeing to Italy as a youth where he spends the next ten years trying to forget his family whom he feels betrayed by.  A sudden windfall coincides with the death of his Aunt Giadora.  The honoring of her last wishes brings him home, back to the States where he confronts what sent him into a self-imposed exile.

His day to day interaction with the beautiful London proves to be the balm for his heart.  The chemistry is instant, even though their personalities are complete opposites.  They are both healing from their pasts and in the renovating of the estate, find themselves part of the restoration.

I hope you enjoy this fun, sweet romance.  And yes–it is a second-chance romance as well.  That part I will leave a mystery as I eagerly await your feedback on my very first inter-racial romance.  Countdown is two days!

An Excerpt:

“She looked down into his eyes that were becoming too familiar.  They steadied her as she raised her fingers to run through his unruly curls.  Slowly he stood as he continued to keep her against him.  He slowly lowered his head into the crook of her neck murmuring gentle assurances in Italian phrases she couldn’t understand but in tones that evoked responses within in spite of her desire to resist. He lifted his head until he was a breath away.  He brushed his lips over hers as if holding off the inevitable taste until he could hold back no more.  Slowly he dipped his tongue inside, tasting, savoring her as he suckled her tongue between his lips.  “Hmmm,” he moaned.

He slowly lifted her while her legs clung to his hips as he slowly walked toward the back of the RV. Despite the hypnotic haze of his kiss, the movement awakened her to her senses.  She pulled back, and looked down into the grey stormy eyes that reflected the desire she was sure was naked within hers.  “I …can’t.”

“What?  You can’t what?” he asked in a breathless state.  He knew her body wanted his and he only needed a few more minutes to ensure she was good and ready.  There was no doubt he was ready for her, but the words coming out of her mouth were confusing him and from what he was understanding she seemed to be indicating she was about to leave his body in a great deal of frustration—a state he wasn’t used to.  “Why do you do this to me?”  He groaned as he released her legs.

“It’s not what I’m doing to you, Gianni.  It is what I have to do to protect my heart.  Surely you can understand that.”

“But I would never hurt you, London.”  He sighed as he turned away and walked over toward his sofa table.  “You mind if I smoke?”

“I can’t believe you do.  But it’s your house,” she said resignedly as she moved to the opposite chair.

“Only when I am extremely…frustrated.”  He chuckled as he lit up and inhaled deeply.  “And right now, I am extremely frustrated.”

“I’m sorry,” London said, meaning it sincerely.  When she’d gone over that evening it was only to make sure he was okay.  It was never to start something like this—something she knew she couldn’t finish.

He took another drag and put it out.  The ashtray sucked in the smoke.  As he looked across at London, with her hand across her nose and mouth, he was glad that it was equipped with that mechanism.  He crossed his legs and leaned back in his chair now much more relaxed. “Can I offer you something to drink?”

“Just some water,” she murmured. The tension of only moments before was beginning to recede. She wondered if they would find tonight laughable by tomorrow.

But when their hands touched as he handed the water to her, she realized just how unfunny it was still.  It only took a bit of a spark to light the embers still burning between them.  She turned her head to the side and realized that the storm outside seemed quiet.  The soft patter of rain tapped against the roof and windows, but the roar of thunder was now absent.  At some point during their interchange the storm had calmed, but not before things between them had irrevocably changed.  She could claim things between them were only professional, but she was lying and she knew he knew it, too.  Still, she wasn’t going to give her all to this man who she knew little about, but who seemed to promise nothing to anyone. Why should she be any different? No, this was not the man to whom she intended to lose her heart.  She moved toward her jacket.  “Well, it seems the storm has calmed.  I should be able to make it home now.” She quickly slipped her arms into the sleeves and was tying the jacket to keep it closed to avoid the time it would take to button it, as he approached.

“Are you sure you should travel out in this, London?”

“Yes.  I think it would be best,” she said finally raising her eyes to meet his as she slipped the straps of her purse onto her shoulder.

He smiled and tidied her collar, before leaning down and kissing her cheek.

“Very well,” he said as he reached for his umbrella.  He opened the door and stepped outside extending his hand toward her.  She grasped his firm hand and stepped out into the drizzle of the night.  He walked her over to her car and held her door as she slid inside.  “Call me when you get home,” he said firmly before he closed her car door.  He tapped her window and stood there as she backed her car into a neat turn until she faced the main road.

As she drove away, she watched in her rear-view mirror, as he walked across the gravel, and up the steps into the RV just as she took the bend that would lead her closer to the road.  Strangely, she felt as if she had left a part of her back there with him.”


Thanks for your support in advance.  This book will be available on Amazon Kindle, Paperback and Nook!  Pre-order for a signed copy is available on my website.  http://nikkiwalkerbookstore.com/

Smiles, hugs and kisses!



2 thoughts on “Loving Gianni! Meet The Rosselini Family! Now Available on Amazon as paperback & Kindle!

  1. Hi Ms. Nikki,

    I can’t wait until I dget my copy of Loving Gianni. Just from reading the excerpt, I know it is going to be good. I hope I am able to wait for my copy and not go to amzon to get a kindle purchase. This looks to be a best seller too!! Congrats, and start working on the sequels……..

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