Chat Chair Book Spotlight: Vy Antenette, author of The Way Love Is

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Vy Antenette was born and raised in Upstate NY. She is a wife, mother of three and oldest of eleven sisters and brothers (five full and six half). She comes from a large, loving family who is very supportive of her goals. Vy was raised by her maternal grandparents who did everything they could to provide for her and her siblings. Growing up, Vy always felt like she had to be the one to set a good example for her younger sisters and brother. She felt that it was her duty to be the positive role model they needed. She would often witness the love shared between her grandparents, that she never got to see with her biological parents, and vowed that one day, she too, would marry someone with whom she can spend the rest of her life.

During her early twenties, she came to the conclusion that the love and affection she got from her partner was a feeling she never wanted to go without. For as long as she can remember, red has always been her favorite color and hearts her favorite shape, making Valentine’s Day her favorite occasion of all times! Her passion for the day most associated with lovers is at the core of her writing. She likes reading, hearing, seeing, watching, learning and most importantly, making love. With most people seeking to proclaim such affection, Vy has used this as an opportunity to explore the struggles, success, denouncements and cravings for the same through her writing. In all honesty, writing was never a passion of hers. It wasn’t something she dreamed about nor was it ever a long time goal. People close to her had always complimented her on her ability to put words together, in such a way that made people want to listen. Then one day, after speaking at her uncle’s funeral, someone came up to her and said, “you should write,” so she did.

After five short months of starting one story, she ended up with four complete manuscripts with the first being, The Way Love Is, which was published in June 2013. Her second novel, Not Giving Up On Love, and her third novel which is a sequel to the second, Love Conquers All are both due to be released in 2014.

She admits that her first story originally started out as one loosely based on her life. Then throughout the rereading and rewriting phase, she began to alter scenes, dialogue and people to reflect more of her imagination, with less than fifty percent being based on real life situations.  Although Vy enjoys reading more than she does writing, she expressed that it’s important for her to not read prior to doing any writing. She says it’s primarily because she doesn’t want the “imagination” of other’s to slip into her psyche and interfere with her own. At first, she would mainly read a lot of the urban street lit that helped put urban fiction on the map.

Now she tends to read more literature along the lines of romance, suspense, or anything with a great plot, awesome characters and real life situations. She feels that is why so many of her readers enjoy reading about Chaianne. She was real; honest and trust worthy, down to earth and open minded, loving and supportive, flawed yet confident. But most of all, she was driven… and determined to succeed in this thing called life. She felt more strongly about Chaianne, the character than the story itself, so much so, that, even when she wanted to give up on the whole thing, the protagonist wouldn’t allow her to let go completely. Four weeks later, she birthed her first literary baby. She learned early on in this journey that it’s easier to write when you’ve made it a habit to read. To those interested in writing a book, her most vital piece of advice, is to write because you’re eager to get a story out, that folks are willing to read, and will hopefully enjoy! Do not do it if you are in it just for the money. Because no matter what, a weak story, will never generate, a strong income!

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