The Story behind my stories….

Marriage Ceremony Oct.15,2011 020  me2I have been a person of Faith for most of my life.  What does that mean?  I guess I mean that I just didn’t carry faith around like a good luck charm. My faith was alive through the rendering of service to others since I was thirteen years old. I moved to West Virginia when I was 17 to engage in a ministry work.  So,  I felt like I was deeply religious, solid in my faith. But, I learned the hard way that faith can diminish over time.  In 2007/2008, twenty-plus years later, my life went into a spin.  It seems that no matter how much you anticipate drawing on all that faith that you’ve been storing up like some bank account to use during a rainy day, something within you tells you that a good person shouldn’t go through storms of life.  At least that must have been my way of thinking, because when my marriage hit some tough spots at a time that I felt I had given it my all…it felt like something within me broke, as if I would never be the same again.  I remember feeling that all the self-sacrifice had been for nothing.

What I didn’t know at that time, was what I thought was bad, was nothing compared to what I was about to experience.   Anyone knows that it’s always better to travel a dark road with  light.  For a little while, though, without the luminary of my spirituality to enlighten me, it felt like I was in complete darkness. I had to regain my light and my life footing.  I remember feeling as if things would never be right again–that I would never be whole again.  I am so glad to discover I was wrong!   Now, I can draw on the memories of those raw feelings of failure, insecurity, self-doubt, and complete loss of identity to create characters who need second chances.  If I could go back and do things differently, I definitely would make better choices. But guess what?  It’s how I later found out that second chance stories found me…

9 thoughts on “The Story behind my stories….

  1. Jehovah, God did not promise that life would be perfect and that we will always get our way, but for some of us when we don’t get our way we blame God as if He has abandoned us. He hasn’t! Where is God when you need Him? By your side, holding you. Above you, watching you. Behind you, protecting you. Ahead of you, leading you. In your head, guiding you. In your heart, loving you. God is always around you and inside of you. As it is written…he will never leave you nor will He forsake (give up on) you! What’s ironic is, some of us feel as if He abandons us when we don’t get our way, but the truth is we abandon Him. Happy you found your way back to your faith.

  2. What a wonderful and enlightening read. Oh did it move me, but I must keep my balance and realize – that everyone has a different ending. But I love reading about your dark journey – and how despite it, you found your way back to the TRUE source of light that we all need. *Be still my heart* YOU are a treasure!

    • So are you my dear! After the mercy I’ve been shown, the least I can do is share it with others that may be doubting the light at the end of their dark tunnel. I love you Max. Keep moving forward my dear!

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