What Else I’m Doing…

Nikki's Pampering Things!Well… in addition to writing, I am also selling natural soaps. (smile) I’ve done this off and on for a few years now. Many of you discovered this in my story, “Been There & Done That,” ~ In Flames.   However, soon writing took over most of my time and energy.  But recently, I have renewed my interest.  So, if you are into natural soaps or would like to gift some to a friend, please drop by my webstore:  http://nikkisbathspathings.com/.  There you can get a book to go with your bath!

Here are just a few!  They are priced at $4.50 each or any 3 for $10.00!  Hope to see you soon and please, by all means tell a friend!

Rosemary soap Grapefruit mint soap Mint choc soap white tea soap cinnamon almond soapautumn apple soapWindblossom soapchampaka soap Vanilla Silkvanilla ylang ylangOrange Vanillacitrus cedar sage soapcoconut soapkiwi soapoatmeal milk honey soapcreme brulee

Check out my Nikki’s Pampering Things Video!

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