My Writing Process Blog Tour

I have been invited by the marvelous Mercedes Keyes to participate on this blog tour.  Thanks Mercedes for your love and encouragement.

Nikki Walker

Author Nikki Walker

What am I working on?

I am currently working on my tenth story. This story is entitled Serenity Inn: Her Guy-Friday.  Lindsay Morgan,  the B & B Innkeeper has many secrets–starting with the domestic abuse that she endured in her marriage, which ends when her husband Warren is killed.

But how does he die? Is it the result of her gunshots in self-defense, in the line of duty or once he ends up in the operating room of a drug addicted surgeon?   🙂

I am shooting for a June release date.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

You might find some of my writing in Christian Romance, Women’s Fiction as well as Interracial Romance—but no matter what I write, it will always revolve around a second chance element.  I believe in developing characters that need a bit of redemption.  I like my stories to have an underlying message of hope.

Why do I write what I do?

I write what I write because I have devoted a great deal of my life in the service of others.  It seemed natural that my writing would take on this slant as well.  I also remember a time when I felt that I was beyond redemption and that’s why I always say that second chance stories chose me.  Some of my readers have called me the Diva of Second Chances.  Well, I embrace this sobriquet proudly and hope that I can continue to find that diamond in the rough hidden within my characters. Each day offers an opportunity for renewal for all of us.  This is what I hope I convey in all my stories!

How does your writing process work?

Originally, I wrote all my stories long-hand and then typed them up.  As I became more proficient at typing, I began to type directly on the keyboard late at night–pecking away on my laptop. When my lappie died a few months ago, forcing me to type on my desktop again, my process stalled.  With Her Guy-Friday, I have resumed my original writing process and it’s been a great help. I’m usually a fly-by-the-seat type of writer choosing to outline only certain portions.   I love to discover the story as I go along.

Someone once said, “I love the way Nikki Walker pulls back the layers of her characters, revealing them to us in a lush, unhurried manner.” I feel oftentimes that I am on the same journey as the reader…well except that I ultimately hold the controls. (smile)

Well that’s a little snapshot into my writing process.  Please continue to reach out to me here, on my Facebook page or my website.

Oh and here’s some encouragement for those who are letting a little fear tug at them. Enjoy!


Please look forward to hearing what’s new from my fellow writers and friends Cassandra Baker Durham,  Leanora Moore and Kr Bankston on April 14th.

Scroll down to get to know  a little about them!



Cassandra Baker Durham author

Author Cassandra Baker Durham

Cassandra Baker Durham is a minister, author and advocate for women. She received her undergraduate degree from North Carolina A& T State University in the field of social work. She holds a Master of Science degree in Human Services from Capella University. She also hold a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from Liberty University. Cassandra is a social worker that provides services to individuals and families impacted by HIV and AIDS. She also conducts self-esteem, self-worth workshops with African American women who are at risk of contracting and/or transmitting HIV/AIDS. Cassandra is a trained workshop facilitator with 8 years’ experience utilizing Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions (DEBI’s). This role has developed her to be a staunch advocate for empowering and building self-esteem and self-worth in women as a manner of prevention against the spread of HIV and AIDS. She sits on the Guilford County Substance Abuse Recovery Advocates board and The African American Initiative of the United Way of Greater High Point. The spiritual side of Cassandra is fed at her home church Temple of Prayer, Praise and Deliverance Ministries in High Point, NC where she sits under the anointed leadership of Senior Pastor: Apostle Louise Baker. Presently Cassandra coordinates the church’s outreach ministry and usher board. Cassandra is the author of the Salt, Light and Witnesses blog which seeks to encourage, uplift and motivate others to walk in their divine calling as children of God. She has written four books, Fully Persuaded: 30 Days of Encouragement in Times of Trouble, The Summer of Wrath (Christian fiction novel), and Fully Constrained: What Faith Can Do and As I live & Breath scheduled to be released the summer of 2014. She can be reached at Facebook: Twitter: Cassdurham



author leanora moore

Author Leanora Moore

Leonora Moore wanted to start a movement for all plus size women in the world by writing about plus size heroines and the men that they love in her books. She created The Voluptuously Curvy and Loving It Series as a symbol for all women to know that they are beautiful no matter their size, shape or color, and the first novel in that series is titled Smooth as Silk. Other books also included in the series are Finding Love Within and His Forgotten Lover. They will  be followed by Drafted for Love, which will be released soon.






author kr bankston

Author KR Bankston

KR Bankston is an escalating serial novelist, following in the famous footsteps of her idol, VC Andrews. She hails from Tallahassee, FL and now resides in Jonesboro, GA. Having written various works of fiction including short stories and reflective poetry for most of her adult life, Bankston entered the world of commercial publishing in 2008 with her first novel, A Deadly Encounter.

Bankston is the CEO and Founder, of Kirabaco (ki-rah-buh-ko) Publishing LLC, which houses her works. Kirabaco expands its publishing circumference with the introduction of new authors signed to the company beginning in 2014.

Bankston has since gone on to write and publish to date some 22 novels, including two anthologies and one novella. KR’s “BookOpera” series “Thin Ice” was voted Serial Novel of the Year in 2012 by Future Bestselling Authors. The series was also voted Best Urban Serial of 2013 by Building Relationships Around Books. Her other series, “The Gianni Legacy” has been touted as The Godfather of modern day.



2 thoughts on “My Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. Absolutely brilliant. I cannot wait for the completion of Serenity Inn – it sounds like a gripping and compelling read! Thumbs all the way up.

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