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In search of a summer read? Start the L.I.P. journey today!

In search of a summer read? Start the L.I.P. journey today!

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The first two installments are on sale, starting at $.99!

Love Lost -> Love UnExpected -> Love UnCharted -> Love Redeemed ->

Coming Soon! Shadows, a Romantic-Suspense Adventure from my B&B Series!

Shadows cover promo

 Cover Art by Renee Luke

At the reading of her grandfather’s will, Jordan finds out that she has inherited property that will  give her the opportunity to realize her bed and breakfast dreams.  However, she suddenly finds herself running for her life.  With the aid of her brother’s friends she manages to stay alive.

But Jordan finds equally threatening the chemistry between her and the man in charge of keeping her safe, Jesse Walker.

Can she keep her feelings neutral while they seek to neutralize the threat?


An excerpt:

“Look Eric, letting Jordan out of this car will only put her in more danger.  Why don’t you let me run up to my office and get the documents?  They are in my safe and it will only take me a few minutes.”

Before he could respond, Mike stepped out the car and moved quickly in the building.  Eric checked his watch and determined in five minutes exactly if he wasn’t back, he would have to go in after him, to take Jordan or not was his dilemma.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have let him go.”  Jordan said worriedly as she looked out at the building biting her lower lip nervously.  After another minute elapsed, she said, “Something’s not right–I can feel it.”  Suddenly, she jumped out of the car before running across the street and into the building.

“Nooo!”  Eric called out after her before expressing an expletive.  He jumped out to follow Jordan but turned briefly to lock the car and heard the sound of a bullet whizzing past his ear.  He ducked down and crawled between his SUV and the car parked in front.  He quickly dialed 911 as he scanned for the shooter.  He caught movement from his right peripheral vision and immediately aimed his gun, double tapping the shooter in the chest.

He looked around searching for his attacker’s partner and seeing no movement he crept back around to get back in his car. Turning the ignition on, he gunned it across the street and up on the sidewalk, angling the car just before the entrance to the office building so that it formed a barrier between him and the street.   He crouched down and eased into the building. He crept into the passageway, easing past office windows, some with fearful faces peeking out. He gestured for them to get back in and eased up the stairwell.   Hearing Jordan’s scream had him switching gears, running full force for Mike’s office.

Arriving at the door, he could see the office suite was in darkness.  Seeing no one, he moved inside, peering in, he could make out someone on the floor groaning.  He flipped the light switch and saw it was Mike.  His face was cut in several places from the hits he’d sustained and his eye was already beginning to swell shut.  Eric made a cursory examination and could see there were no gunshot wounds. Still, with the beating he’d gotten there could be broken ribs or worse.

“Mike, it’s me, Eric.  The ambulance is on the way.  Where is Jordan?”

“She screamed and ran.  I’m not sure where. I’m sorry. . . I was . . .” he began before falling unconscious.

Eric touched his fingers to check for a pulse on his neck, feeling one, he ran out toward the corridor and headed away from the main stairwell that he’d just come up.  Hearing a high-pitched scream, he ran quickly toward it.

One minute Jordan was running down the black metal back steps of the office building and the next she felt herself hurtling through the air where she landed in a loud thud on the cement sidewalk.  She tried to get up, but felt intense pain in her right ankle.  Still she struggled to scramble to her knees trying to put as much distance as possible between her and her attacker.

Hearing maniacal laughter behind her froze her in place.  She flipped around leaning on her haunches and faced her attacker.  Her eyes were drawn from the harsh scar on the left side of his face to the cold dark eyes that made her feel as if she was looking into the face of death itself.  There wasn’t an ounce of humanity in this man but still she had to try.

“Y-you don’t have to do this.  You can just leave.  I can pretend I never saw you.”

“But you see I do Jordan,” he said calmly as his mouth made a chilling attempt at a grin; “it was going to come to this anyway. . .”

Get ready to fall into the SHADOWS  adventure!  Jordan, Eric and Jesse would love to have you tag along!

Serenity Inn Has Arrived!

new lindsay 6She smelled him before she saw him.  Him… the one who had such control over her emotions and who even invaded her dreams when her walls were relaxed.

Yet she continued to stare into the flames before her, even as the other end of the sofa sank beneath his weight. When his arm stretched alongside the back of the sofa toward her though not touching, she felt chills dance along her spine. Still she continued to look forward, but she couldn’t keep the corners of her mouth from lifting in a small smile. He did that to her too.

“How ya doing, Linds?”

Linds. She even loved his pet name for her! She inhaled a reinforcing breath. Finally she turned and looked at him, at his wavy hair that her fingers itched to get lost in, at his expressive eyes beneath thick lashes—at his soft lips that she remembered well, and his beautiful bronze skin. Gorgeous!

“I think I’m good.  I’m excited that today went well—which of course makes me a bit fearful for tomorrow,” she said as she chuckled.

“I know, right?” Laughter flitted across his eyes before they sobered.  “You’ve been avoiding me, Linds.”

Her heart thundered against her chest. “How is that possible? We see each other every day, Chad.”

Chad looked determinedly at her profile as she sipped from her glass, which now trembled within her hand.  Was she nervous? Was she afraid of him?  He took his finger and gently traced from her shoulder down her arm. He felt the tingle of electricity move between them.  She looked at him with a start.

“Whether we talk about it or not, it’s still here between us.”

“Chad…there’s so much about me that you don’t know. So much that…I’m not willing to reveal. And I suspect the same is true for you. How exactly does a conversation begin between us when there’s not enough trust to reveal all that we are?”  Her dark eyes pleaded with his as she stated a truth he couldn’t deny.

He sighed and leaned his head against the back of the sofa.  He smoothed his hands against his thighs as he contemplated what to say—what to do next.  Could he risk it?  He slid from the sofa and slowly moved toward her, not stopping until he knelt before her.  He placed his hands on her thighs and lifted his gaze to hers.

Slowly, he lifted his hand to remove an escaped tendril of her hair from her face. As his gaze delved into hers, he softly said, “I’m willing to bare all, right here, right now.  What about you?”

Lindsay felt as if her breath stalled within her.  Could she?  Even as she voiced the question within, she knew the answer.  She could not.  She could not risk losing the him that she already knew—the him that was already available to her.  So she dropped her gaze away from his.   dr chad lewis serenity inn

“You don’t want more?” he asked.


“The possibility of more…between us, Linds?”

But she didn’t have to respond for him to see the blatant fear in her eyes staring back at him.  What could she have possibly done? he wondered. He slowly stood and reached for her hands.

“Well when you’re ready, I’ll be here.”  He gently pulled his hands away and walked out of the room.

Lindsay watched the light bounce off her glass as the ice swiveled at the bottom of her glass with the last sip of her scotch.  She felt the burn slide down her throat. Fire.  It was the opposite of what she wanted to feel anywhere in her body.  But her heart simply wouldn’t listen.


Serenity Inn Cover

Serenity Inn is now available  on Amazon