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Cover Art by Renee Luke

At the reading of her grandfather’s will, Jordan finds out that she has inherited property that will  give her the opportunity to realize her bed and breakfast dreams.  However, she suddenly finds herself running for her life.  With the aid of her brother’s friends she manages to stay alive.

But Jordan finds equally threatening the chemistry between her and the man in charge of keeping her safe, Jesse Walker.

Can she keep her feelings neutral while they seek to neutralize the threat?

  An excerpt:

Eric stepped out from under the shower refreshed and alert.  If only he could sleep a good eight hours, but he had a feeling that wasn’t in the cards.  Just as he was leaning over to zip his second boot, he heard the signal go off on the mini receiver screen.  Picking it up, he could see two men had entered the room with guns. After checking the bathroom and closet, one was making a call, no doubt informing someone that the room was empty.

He was already exiting the bathroom and signaling to Jordan that they had to go.  Each had a duffel bag across their bodies and shoulder.  With Jordan leaning on him, they moved toward the stairwell. Once inside, he paused, listening for footsteps.  He lifted her and walked down the steps where he paused upon opening the door.  He’d been fortunate enough to park the car directly at the steps.  Quietly, he eased the back door open and assisted Jordan inside. He saw two guys a few cars down.

Quietly he gestured for  Jordan to lie down on the floor.  Locking her in, he crept down the garage, easing between cars.  The two guys had decided to separate, putting one directly before Eric, his back to him. He quietly slipped up behind him; hooking his forearm around his neck, he pulled him to the ground before putting him in the sleeper hold.  He moved toward the other, but before he could get closer, the guy turned around and drew his gun.

They stood before each other at a draw. “Hey, I just need some information,” Eric said softly.

“I don’t think you’re in a position to make negotiations.  Drop your gun and put your hands on top of your head,” the guy yelled at him before speaking into his shoulder communicator.

“Who hired you?”  Eric asked, smiling as he eased closer to him.

“I already told you that you ain’t getting no information from me and you need to drop that gun and put your hands on your head.”

“Okay, okay,” Eric said, dropping his gun.

“Now where’s the girl?” the guy asked, relaxing his stance.

“What girl?” Eric responded.

“Okay, you wanna play it that way, huh?  I’m only gonna tell you one more time to put your hands on your head.  Now do it!”

“Calm down.  You want me to put my hands on my head like this, right?” Someone was asking a question across the radio.  As the guy leaned his head toward his arm, Eric reached into the back of his shirt, grabbing his knife and throwing it so that he hit the guy’s gun hand.  As his gun was falling to the floor, Eric was already in mid-air, his leg extended. By the time the gun rattled to the cement floor, Eric’s foot was connecting with the man’s chest.  As he slid across the floor, he pulled the man’s neck within the crook of his arm.  He knew he had less than a minute to extract information and get Jordan out of there.

“You have ten seconds to tell me who hired you?” The man grunted as he tried to wiggle out of Eric’s hold.

“I don’t know his name,” he wheezed. “He contacts us and gives us directions.  That’s all I know.”

“Oh, that’s all you know?” Eric asked, grabbing his knife and holding it under his chin.  A thin line of blood appeared, just before the man began to groan. “Now, who hired you and why?”

“I don’t know his name . . . at first we were to scare the girl and her grandfather . . . after the grandfather died, the instructions changed.”

“How so?” When the man refused to speak, Eric twisted his finger, “How so?”

“Dead or alive.  We were to bring the girl to him dead or alive—preferably alive.”


“I don’t know!” As his finger snapped, he howled. “I promise, I don’t know man!”

Deciding that was probably all the information he would get, Eric knocked him unconscious and grabbed his radio and cell phone, before scooping up his knife and both guns.  Running back to the truck, he jumped in and gunned it out of the garage, just as three men came running up the incline, shooting.

Eric managed to turn onto the street without getting hit.

“Are you okay?” Jordan asked from the floor.

“Yeah, do me a favor and stay down until I say. Okay?”

“The way you’re taking these curves, it’s probably the safest place for me,” she said while clutching the side of his seat to hold on.

“You might be right,” Eric chuckled before veering onto the interstate.

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