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Sample Sunday: Serenity Inn 3 ~ The Balm of Love 1

lindsay and chad“Okay babe and then I want some alone time with you. I just want to see you and talk to your tummy and hold you. It seems like forever since we’ve had that kind of time.”

“Hmm, your holds have a way of turning into much more than that, but I’m not complaining.”

Chad chuckled before he closed her door and hurried to his side.  His heart swelled with love.  He never thought he could feel like this about anyone, but Lindsay renewed his loved from day-to-day. Even when they didn’t agree, one look into her chocolate-brown eyes had him melting before long.

He spared her a look and thought how hard it would be not to make love to his beautiful wife. She was so fragile to him and up until the scare that put her in the hospital; they hadn’t changed their routine of making love daily.

He ran his tongue across his bottom lip just thinking about it. Oh yeah, he was gonna need strength beyond what was normal not to ease into the routine paths he loved to explore on his wife’s body.  He sighed or did he moan?  He felt her hand on his knee and he smiled at her as they got the green light.

His heartbeat quickened at her touch and he decided at the very next red light he was gonna steal a kiss from her succulent cherry lips, particularly the one she was worrying with her teeth now.  He was about to turn off the main road when there was a loud crashing sound rocking the van, tipping them over into a side ditch.

The van’s wheels began sliding down over the side of the road at the same time that Chad came to, lifting his head off the steering wheel.  He saw that Lindsay was unconscious beneath the airbag.  He panicked and wondered if he could pull her out of his side of the van before it completely slid over.

His heart was terror-stricken at the thought of his powerlessness.  If he un-clicked her seat-belt and didn’t get her clear, the impact of the van’s crash could kill her.  Still not knowing what depth of the fall awaited them on the other side, it seemed worth the risk.

He un-clicked his seat belt and then slowly opened his door.  He leaned more over to his side, hoping his weight could counter the weight of hers.  The van steadied but he knew it would only be a brief reprieve.  Deftly he unclasped her seat-belt before his hand grasped her arm with all the power he could muster.

He snatched her, rolling them both out of the van just before it plunged over the side. Tightly he held her against his chest; sure she could on some level feel his heartbeat banging against her chest, as they came to a stop on to the hard and rough asphalt.

He was barely conscious of the stinging scrapes on his arms as he checked her vitals and was glad to see she was breathing, despite remaining unconscious. He sniffed the air, discerning the smell of rubber and something he couldn’t yet name in the air.

Carefully he lifted her out of the middle of the road.  Now he held her across his lap as he pulled out his cell-phone and called for an ambulance.  With the sound of each roll and simultaneous clash of aluminum of the van as it folded and fought the steep rocky hillside on its quick descent, it made him surer that he’d made the right call in pulling them out. explosion

When the sound finally fell silent, he thought about peeking over the side to see how far it had fallen.  Suddenly the other scent came to mind–gasoline. Before he could move, a shock-wave from the sudden explosion knocked him flat. The last thing he remembered was reaching for Lindsay before the darkness claimed him.