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Love Embraced ~ Serenity Inn 2~ Free All Day Today!

lindsay and chadI loved the characters Lindsay and Chad, but I made the choice to extend their story in a sequel.  I think my readers will be satisfied with the continuation of their story-line as well as that of the feisty Cook, Elaine, Walter and a couple of others to really shake things up! 😉


Lindsay and Chad reunite and consider if they have what it takes to continue to pursue their relationship. They each have grown since confessing their feelings, but now they wonder if there is room in their new lives for each other. They soon find out that success brings new challenges. Lindsay will also have to contend with Chad’s sister in law, Eleanor, who makes it abundantly clear how she feels about Lindsay. Cook also makes a reappearance and she is feisty as ever!

Elaine emerges from the background as one of the main characters. Suddenly her past is crashing with her present. She will need to figure out how to confront old issues while determining if those old scars will hinder her from new love.

Walter has held his own since stepping into Chad’s shoes. He continues to move forward in his growth from mistakes made in his past. Can he continue to be the backbone and support of everyone at Serenity Inn?


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Here’s an excerpt:

She’d just lifted her legs to the small ottoman before her when Eleanor returned.  She smelled her heavy parfum before she even looked up.  Eleanor moved behind the bar.  Lindsay could hear her drop ice into a glass and then the sound of the ice melting as she poured over it.  She decided to ignore the woman. She was buoyant with excitement and she thought maybe if she didn’t’ acknowledge her, that she wouldn’t bare her fangs and claws. She soon found that was only wishful thinking.

“I have to admit you clean up pretty good.”

Wait for it! Lindsay thought as she sipped from her glass.

“Target did a good job with that rendering of Beyoncé’s dress. Was it on sale?”

And there it is!  “I imagine that’s as close to a compliment as I’m going to get from you.” Lindsay murmured as she connected gazes with the haughty woman.

“I do believe you’ve given me more credit than I deserve,” Eleanor purred before winking.

“Ye–eaaah, it’s a bad habit of mine to give people the benefit of the doubt. Even you, Eleanor,” Lindsay quipped returning her wink before dropping her eyes back to her tablet.

“Well! I think you’re finally learning,” Eleanor said before she walked toward Lindsay and sat down beside her feet on the ottoman.  She sipped what Lindsay could see and smell was whiskey and remained silent.

Lindsay turned her attention back to her Kindle, though she had to admit her attention was waning as she wondered what next would be coming out her bag.

Suddenly Eleanor began tapping her turquoise nail against the glass she held. Almost as if signaling for an announcement.

“You know Lindsay, you’re a beautiful girl.  And you know how to make a good impression, but you need to face the fact that you’re never going to fit within Chad’s world. You see, he has obligations that not only affect his career but his family’s name. The functions he attends require a woman bred in the same background as his. Do you really think a girl from the ghetto will make an adequate woman on his arm?”

She laughed now to make her point. “My family has known Chad’s and Terrance’s family for years.  And I went to school with them.  So, I can tell you, women like you come a dime a dozen for Chad. I mean you have your role for sure, and I guess you’re pretty good at that,” she smirked.  “But its best that you remember you will only be the lady of a season…don’t think to plant your roots for a lifetime.”

Lindsay felt anger pulsate through her as never before. She’d had enough of Eleanor.

“And why is it any of your business, Eleanor?  You would think Chad was your husband and not Terrance. What goes on between Chad and I shouldn’t be your concern.  Besides, you presume wa-aaay too much.”

Lindsay slid to the edge of her seat and stared directly into Eleanor’s sea-glass viper blue eyes.  “I think you should take all that energy that you spend trying to insult me and others and devote it to your husband and your new marriage. And stay away from me!” she said as she pushed the ottoman away from her unintentionally causing the amber liquid in Eleanor’s glass to slosh out onto her red blouse.

“You! You….”

“What’s going on here?”  Chad asked as he entered the room.  He was frowning now as his gaze swung between Lindsay and Eleanor.

Lindsay took in his dark suit that fit him like it was made just for him. Then she realized it probably was.  His white shirt was crisp and open at the collar, revealing bronze skin and wisps of hair, which had her hand longing to touch.  Finally, she tuned back into his question.

“Oh nothing, just a little girl talk,” she said before smiling.  “Then the ottoman slid and spilled Eleanor’s drink all over her.”

“Do you want me to call Michael for you, Eleanor?” Lindsay softened her voice so that it purred just like Eleanor’s.  Then she turned her eyes up at Chad before she stood up and walked into his arms. She brushed her lips against his, completely ignoring Eleanor, who got up and all but stomped from the room.

“Mm, you smell good babe,” she said before she grasped the ends of his tie and began to expertly knot it.  “There you go. Are you ready, honey?”

Grab yours today!  Today it’s free!


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And be on the look out for the third installment in the Serenity Inn Series, The Balm of Love, coming soon!

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Thanks so much to all my readers!  Through your encouraging posts and inbox notes, you certainly make my writing rewarding! ❤


S.E. Felida’s ‘’Imperfect Past’’ Release Week Blitz!


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S.E Felida was born in Curaçao, but she’s currently living in Holland with her husband and their three boys. Growing up she loved to read as many books as she could get her hands on. She began writing her own short stories and poetry at the age of eleven. She loves to read all kind of genres,but when it comes to her all time favorite authors there can only be two;Stephen King and J.K. Rowling.  S.E Felida writes Erotic, Romance, Suspense Novels.

Check out ”Imperfect Past,”  book three in her Incredible Dreams Series.

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Book description:

Why, and where has Lionel been hiding all of this time? Is Marcus behind Leona’s recent incarceration? Is Naomi still alive, or is someone trying to mess with Leona’s head in the worst way possible? Do we finally get to know just who the hell Marcus really is? But the question we all want to know is; will Leona and Nathaniel’s relationship be solid enough to endure the heat that’s coming their way?

Find out in Imperfect Past!

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