Cassandra Baker Durham WAS in Nikki’s Chat Chair!


Cassandra Baker Durham author

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I am greatly honored to have Cassandra Baker Durham  to visit and sit in the Chat Chair.  Many know Cassandra Baker Durham from the Real Readers Real Words (3RW) Facebook Club. I became more acquainted with her in the Writer’s Review & Support Resource Group, founded by Nia Forrester.

Her buoyant personality is an asset to any group and if she loves your book, she is  an all-the-way-live promo for you! 

Well, without further ado, I introduce Ms. Cassandra Baker Durham!

Tell us something about you.

I am married. I have six children fantastic children and eight extremely rambunctious grandchildren. I received my undergrad degree from North Carolina A&T State University from the school of Social Work. I hold a Masters in Human Service from Capella University w/ a specialization in Social and Community services ( advocacy) And I am currently finishing up a Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry ( M.A.C.M.) at Liberty University.

Wow! You have accomplished a lot!  Tell us, where are you from?

I am from the Furniture capital of the World… Home of Fantasia Barrino and John Coltrane… High Point, North Carolina.

So tell me about life growing up? How does it affect your writing?

I grew up in a time when folks still had liquor by the drink houses. I was raised in one. The customers have created very vivid characters for me because we saw a little bit of everything. But that also meant I was exposed to a lot of things that little girls should not have been exposed to.  Those experiences have impacted my writing because I always needed some where to put the things that I saw, heard and experienced, and paper was the perfect place.

I agree with you Cassandra!  Pain can be a great catalyst for our muses! What motivates you to write?

At first it was my emotions… I wrote to deal with them, but know I’m writing so I can get all of these people out of my head who insist upon talking to me everyday.

How much of what you write is based on personal experiences?

In my devotional book 100%, the new novel coming out probably 30%.

Speaking of your devotional book, tell us the name and were you surprised at it’s success?



 Fully Persuaded:30 Days of Encouragement in Times of Trouble…. Yes, Yes, Yes…. soooo surprised.

So Cassandra, share with us your  writing process.

I just sit down and write…letting the chips fall where they may…lol. I cannot use an outline to save my life.

What genre do you read? What authors do you admire?

I read everything. I love , love, love to read, but my presence is Christian/Inspirational fiction or Women’s fiction… I admire…. Iris Bolling, Maureen Smith, Takerra Allen, Nia Forrester, Altonya Washington, Nikki Walker… just to name a few…

I’ll be sure to pay you for that endorsement after the interview. (smile)

What advice would you give others about writing and then in general?

Just keep writing. Most of the time what we write initially needs to be refined so just keep writing. Be observant, look at the things going on around you and create stories from there.

That’s wonderful!  What would you like people to know that they might not know already?  

I am also a minister and very, very active in my home church. I am multi-layered and multi-dimensional. I love to read and will shout out a book on face book and twitter in a minute. I make no apologies of a book character causes me to talk. LOL

Finally, tell us what are you working on and when can we expect a release?

cass 1


I have one book that is in the hands of the editor it is my upcoming summer release… The Summer of Wrath which is expected to drop Late June.  I am currently working it’s currently untitled sequel.

Well I’m sure I speak for many when I say your book is greatly anticipated!  You all can keep up with Cassandra Baker Durham at her twitter address @cassdurham, her Facebook page and on her blog,Cassie’s Book Cafe

Since that release, here are a couple of other books by Cassandra Baker Durham!

cass4  cass2

 Thanks so much for dropping by! It has been an honor to have you be the first guest in my Chat Chair!


One thought on “Cassandra Baker Durham WAS in Nikki’s Chat Chair!

  1. Hi Niki and Ms. Cassandra,
    Wow, great interview. I enjoy your novels also Ms. Cassandra. You are also on my favorite author’s list. I can hardly wait to start ” As I Live and Breathe. I know it’s going to be excellent.

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