Author Se’Quince Aiken dropped by Nikki’s Book Spot!

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Today, I get to feature author Se`Quince Aiken, a lovely author and my fellow Jersey sister too! Whenever we see her there’s always a smile.

If you’re not familiar with her written works, they are amazon linked.  Now please take a few minutes to get to know her a little better.


life is a journey sequinc  surrender sequince aiken

So tell us, who is Se’Quince Aiken?

I am an eighteen year old full time student who attends a private school for my disability of cerebral palsy. I am new author who wrote and published two books: Life is a Journey (my story living with cerebral palsy) and my poetry book Surrender; my own thoughts and feelings.

Where are you from?

My home town is Rahway, New Jersey.

When did you know you were a writer?

I knew I was a writer when I received my first book in the mail. I knew it was real and I was very excited.

What motivates you to write?

My motivation is my mom. She helps me maintain my focus and guides in the direction that I need when I am trying to write. I have a habit of thinking too far ahead and my mom brings me back.

What genre do you read?

I love romance novels. I read all the Twilight Saga series. I am currently reading the Fifty Shades of Grey.

 Wow! Spicy! 😉 What authors do you admire?

Stephanie Myers and Nicholas Sparks.

I like Nicholas Sparks as well! What advice would you give others about writing & for life in general?

My advice will be to never give up on your dreams. Just do it! Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

That’s great advice. What would you like people to know that they might not know already?

I would like people to know that I am a fighter. I work hard and try my best at everything I do. I don’t give up so easily.

Thank you so much for dropping by my book spot, Se`Quince.  I know you are an inspiration to many to not give up when faced with challenges. I think a lot of us take things for granted. Your courage has shown us the gifts we could be hiding by not striving for our dreams! I know you will be successful in achieving your future goals! ❤

sequince pictureContinue to keep up with Se`Quince on her Facebook page and her Amazon Author page.


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