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Pampering Things ~ March 2015

MAR. 2015

Pampering Things Newsletter 

Pampering You Mind, Body & Spirit

Check out the March edition of my Pampering Things Newsletter featuring pampering tips, gift ideas and Iris Bolling, Author & CEO of Siri Austin Entertainment.  If you would like to be featured in my Pampering Things newsletter, or would like to subscribe, please reach out to me at


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AnchorThis Month’s Pampering Tips

Bedside Pampering with Potpourri or Aromatic Oils

A suggestion from the online gazette is to use scent to relax. They suggest,”Get some amazing scents of potpourri and keep em beside your bed. The subtle constant smell of potpourri has a tranquilizing effect that would get you totally hooked on em for quiet some time.”

A suggestion from the online gazette Chic Factor  is to use scent to relax. They suggest,”Get some amazing scents of potpourri and keep em beside your bed. The subtle constant smell of potpourri has a tranquilizing effect that would get you totally hooked on em for quiet some time.”


Pamper Each Other

The online magazine All Womens Talk suggests making a coupon book with pampering promises on them.

And of course, I can’t resist mentioning my Soap of the Month Club.  What a wonderful way to lift the spirits of a friend or spouse!

Another great blog for inexpensive diy gifts is





Anchor  Feature of the Month:

Iris Bolling; Author &  CEO  

of Siri Austin Entertainment         

I’m Iris Bolling. I have one son, Chris who works on political campaigns and my niece Champaine who is at Longwood University. Nikki ask me to share how I took The Heart Series from pages of a book to a television program.

I began writing in 2006 as a way to relief stress. Working at a governmental agency, where your priority is to provide the best customer service within our constraints, can lead to daily stressful situations.  To relieve the frustration, I write about positive characters who find ways of working around obstacles. 

How I came up with Heart TV Series: The politically correct answer first. Politics has always been a part of my life. I volunteered to work the polls for a few years, and assist with voter registration whenever and wherever I can. I never understood why with certain political races the interest was low. When I would speak with friends about it, the response was usually, politics were boring.

Writing The Heart Series was my way of informing readers about the process from the backstage perspective. We always learn about a candidate after he or she is center stage. In The Heart Series, you see how JD Harrison develops his group of advisors and of course, how he meets his wife. The not so politically correct answer is I wasn’t very happy with the President we had in office at the time and decided to create my own.

How I made it to television? A wing and a prayer is the only way I can describe it. With a lot of help from friends, determination and hard work, we made a dream come true.  Once the decision was made to do the television show the first thing we did was to hire a director, crew and cast, then we contacted the executives at the network. We told them we wanted an hour-long spot to air a political drama. I signed on the doted line, wrote the check and we began filming. We submitted the first episode.

They reviewed it and granted the request. Then each week we sent the episode to the network to be aired. Now, this is the short version on how The Heart TV show came to be. There are details that would take a little longer to discuss. The thing to know is if you have a dream, follow it. Don’t allow obstacles or negativity deter you. Believe in yourself and anything is possible. 


 “With a lot of help from friends, determination & hard work, we made a dream come true.”

– Iris Bolling, Author & Creator of the Heart Series



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