Sneak Peek of Trinidad and April’s AMELIE by Angelia Vernon Menchan




He was no longer startled by her resemblance to April. Having a baby and getting sober had added pounds to her and these days her hair was shorter and curly unlike her sister’s long waves. Strolling in, she took a seat and Smith sighed. “Hello Amelie. How are you Amelie? I’ll get you a check Amelie.” Since the courts had given Jamie back to his mom, Smith gave her money to help raise him, normally he mailed it but had been too busy the past week. She was working for barely above minimum wage and he loved Jamie as his own. He knew April wouldn’t approve but he had been unable to deny Amelie’s request or Jamie’s needs. “Thank you!” She said smugly, crossing her legs. Smith quickly took out his personal checkbook, writing Amelie a check. He slid it across the table and she quickly picked it up…

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