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APR. 2015



Pampering Things Newsletter 

Pampering You Mind, Body & Spirit


Get Your Pampering In

with Nikki’s Soap of the Month Club!  



Life is so busy that sometimes we forget to restore ourselves. Pampering is a great way to remind ourselves we matter. After you fill out my form, I get an idea of what you like. Based on this you will get the customized scented soap and extra treat for the subscribed period you choose.
And what friend wouldn’t appreciate a soap gift subscription? Could you imagine how thankful to you they will be each time they pamper themselves?
If you’re looking for a unique way to ensure you get your pampering in, drop by Nikki’s Pampering Thingstoday!

This Month’s Pampering Tips


Bath Pampering with Potpourri or Aromatic Oils


A suggestion from the online gazette Chic Factor  is to use scent to relax. They suggest “using your favorite aromatic oil in your bath water or even your hair. An Hour Long Shower — Kick it off with a relaxing hour long shower. Fix yourself a nice bubble bath. Do the scrubbing, washing, moisturizing and all that. Once done here’ a small ‘oil’ tip (should) guarantee an invigorating whiff every time you move your head ;).”



  Feature of the Month:

Nzinga, Owner of Nzinga Designs 


Nzinga Designs is comfortable clothing for women from petite to plus sizes.  Bold colors, a mixture of different textures, and attention to detail, defines Nzinga Design.  All Nzinga Designs are hand-made originals.  Therefore, you will not see yourself coming and going.



I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-at-Whitewater. With a double major in Biology and English.  Originally, I wanted to be a writer.  Later, I switched to pre-medicine, then back to writing.  But, sewing has always been a part of my life.  I would sew when I wanted to create something.  I suppose it’s in my DNA.  My maternal grandmother made quilts and she sewed.  My mother’s oldest sister, Aunt Esther, was a professional sewer.  She worked at a company as a seamstress.   She would make all our prom dresses.  All we had to do was tell her what we wanted.  She could make leather purses and cover shoes with leather.  She was really good.  She could make anything.


I taught myself to sew while in the Army.  I bought a book and a $99.00 Sears Kenmore sewing machine.  I had taken the basics in Miss Jones’ 7th grade sewing class, where I learned to make a gathered skirt and apron.  My mother, however, felt that my older sister should be the designated sewer in the family.  She thought I didn’t know enough and couldn’t be trusted with making our school clothes.


So, when we went to Sears & Roebuck’s to look in the pattern books, and choose fabric, my sister did everything and came home and made everything.  She could only make gathered skirts, but I wanted so badly to make them too.  So, in the Army, away from home, I saw my chance.  I read that book from cover to cover and taught myself to sew.


I learned to sew quite well.  By the time I left the Army, and was in college, I could make men’s sports jackets, and all kinds of women’s clothing. People were always asking me to sew for them, but I would only sew creatively, when I felt the urge, and only for my husband and daughter. I started designing when as a young mother, I couldn’t find the pretty lacey dresses for my daughter when she reached around 12 years old.  They just didn’t make them.


So, I began designing and making the kind of dresses I wanted to see her in.  She would wear them to school for the Christmas programs and other special occasions, and everyone wanted to know where she got the dresses.

They wanted one.


After college, I stuck with the writing, becoming published.  I mostly wrote poetry, short stories, articles, and book reviews.  I was senior writer and editor for Thread the Needle, a cable television show in Chicago.  Becoming a writer was my focus.  I was going to write the great American novel.  So, when the Holy Spirit urged me to become a designer, I was shocked and scared.  But, I was obedient and began seriously designing and building my brand and business.


My beautiful and intelligent daughter, Kenya Kimball,  currently on the Dean’s List at Roosevelt University in Chicago,  is also my marketing manager and consultant at Nzinga Designs.  She does a brilliant job for me.


I will be posting my Spring 2015 Collection soon.  Right now, anyone interested in purchasing a Nzinga Design, please email me at


I am currently working on my website.  I would appreciate “likes” to my fan page at








Writers, looking for an editor?

Check out Karen McCollum-Rodgers, CEO of 

Critique Editing Services   


Since the age of four when she first learned to read, Karen McCollum-Rodgers has always been an insatiable word nerd. She chose her career based on her love of words, and honed her writing and editing skills, becoming a technical writer of information technology and information security documentation as well as creating content for computer-based training.


When reading for pleasure, she found herself cringing over some of the books due to numerous errors. She decided to parlay her writing/editing skills into a business to help authors alleviate the distraction errors cause.  She reached out to her first potential client, who responded with an enthusiastic, “You’re an answer to prayer!” and six books to edit and Critique Editing Services was born. Ms. Rodgers’ goal is to provide quality editing services at a low cost allowing authors to present their books in the best possible light.


Through word of mouth Critique Editing Services is still going strong four years later.


In This Issue
 Pampering Tips:

    Aromatic Oils


 Soap of the Month:

Cherry Almond Soap Bar


of the Month:






Karen McCollum-Rodgers, CEO  ofCritique Editing Services 




Pampering Gift Ideas


 Mini Travel

Soap Gift Tote



  Ultra Pampering Country Gift Basket




Spring Wraps











Cuddly Slippers




Soap of the Month:

Cherry Almond    Soap Bar

The classic blend of sweet cherries and nutty almond with a touch of cherry blossoms…

If you love crocheting or knitting with lovely chenille yarn, please check out my friend Jeanne Hommes

at the Chenille Shack

 my webstore:      

Pampering You Mind, Body & Spirit!

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