My Dream



In 2010, I was one of thousands displaced from my job. In the following months, while I decided to take the time to continue my education and pursue my writing, which I did eventually publish some stories—I came face-to-face with a deep depression.

There is something about losing a job that can sometimes make one feel as if they’ve lost a part of their identity. I felt a great deal of loss.  Leaving the house became incredibly hard to do. And in time the phobia of being in large spaces with groups of people was overwhelming. In fact it still is and now there are other health issues that make it difficult for me to walk.

However, back then, I knew unemployment insurance wouldn’t last forever. Aside from actively looking for employment I also asked myself, ‘What can I do from home that I could possibly develop into a business?’  I liked the idea of selling soap.

I did a lot of research on the industry and even made a batch. It wasn’t cute. Then I discovered there were other options in this industry. I could resell natural soap from a reputable company. I love the company I later chose!

country gift basketI have sold many soaps from time to time.  It became something to do when my family was going through adverse financial circumstances. But as my client base began to grow from my writing I began to believe that I could really make this work.  However, there are many things that I presently can’t afford to expand this business.  For instance, at this time, I cannot afford to purchase a business license.

In addition, I would like to expand to include things such as GMO free body butters and lotions at a price that is reasonable to my clients as well as upgrade my packaging to enhance the pampering experience.

The money needed to obtain these things as well as adequate on-hand inventory to expedite shipping to my customers, funding for marketing and alternate distribution would help so much.

To be able to nurture the business that I’m now doing so that I can consistently assist my husband in taking care of our daughter and other household needs would be like a dream come true!  Renee basket order2  sml

Your donations could go a long way to assist me in doing that. I would be in appreciation of whatever you can give.

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