Sample Sunday. Excerpt from The Balm of Love; Serenity Inn 3

A Time for Goodbyes

Woman in Mourning at Cemetery in Fall, with Black Umbrella

Eleanor sat on the bench before the headstones that marked the graves of her parents. It had been an emotional past two years, where she’d watched as age and sickness robbed her parents of lucid memory and some of their dignity.  Now they were at peace—no longer suffering. Finally, she was no longer too busy to remember that along with them she’d lost a marriage and a man who had loved her since childhood, but no more.

She sighed before she moved closer to the graves, kneeling before them to clear the crisp leaves that had scattered over the graves.  Gently she placed the flower arrangements before her.  It made her feel better to know that she would be doing something to show she honored their memory before her long drive to Virginia where she hoped to make a brand new start.

Only weeks ago, she had responded to an ad that an independent recruiting company had placed for an applicant with strong decorator skills and hostess abilities needed to be the face of a new bed and breakfast wilderness lodge. The pay wasn’t what attracted her, living in forget-me-not, Virginia was a huge draw. She just wanted to disappear away from everyone that knew her, so that she could grieve.

She inhaled the floral scents as they floated on the wind as she straightened the roses against the white lilies in the stone in-ground vases. Her mind skipped back to joyful family memories as the breeze blew her tears across her cheeks. Once she became aware of the shadows lengthening, she slowly stood, pulling her curls from her face to behind her ear.  The shrill of the wind whistled between the trees across the valley of resting places as she turned and walked toward her nearby parked car where she spared one last glance.

“Bye mommy and daddy,” she whispered before she eased inside her sports utility vehicle.  She had only one stop to make before her final destination. Slipping on her shades she turned the ignition and pulled off into her future.


2 thoughts on “Sample Sunday. Excerpt from The Balm of Love; Serenity Inn 3

  1. Hi Nikki,
    I love it and all the excerpts. I can hardly wait for the finished product. But for now, I’ll take the excerpts. Excellent job….

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