Sunday Excerpt: The Balm of Love

eleanor 2 good serenity 3b promo 2The first thing that Eleanor wanted to do upon reaching her cottage was pack her bags and leave—no note, no good-byes—no nothing. Besides, what else could there possibly be to say?

The thing was there was a lot to say. She’d start with the words Mood Disorder.  She’d try her best to explain something that she herself didn’t truly understand.  She’d try to explain how something that crazy sounding could make you do crazy things and even have melt downs in the middle of a kitchen—especially when everything you identified as your reality crumbled before your eyes.

Yeah that’s where Eleanor knew she would start. Filling silences with words that she’d filled her head with over the past couple of years, except she just didn’t know if in the end it was really going to matter.

She wished she could tell him all the things that had been on her heart. Things she’d only whispered into the cold side of her pillow when she was alone.

Or maybe she could just forget all those other words and just say, “Let’s try again.”

Was it as simple as all of that? It worked in Love & Basketball.  Except she didn’t play that game and there was snow outside…maybe a snowball fight?

She jumped up and grabbed her coat.  She didn’t want to think, she just wanted to keep moving, but she turned and ran into the kitchen and pulled out her bottle of brandy.  Maybe a drink would help just a little.

Thirty minutes and two glasses of brandy later she called for a car, and was now in front of Terry’s door. It was close to nine at night. Only one light was shining from the lower level. Taking in a lungful of frigid air she rang the doorbell.  Now what was I going to say again?  As she drew a blank, she turned and tried to retrace her steps. This was foolish. She needed to think, had she taken her meds today?

“Elly? Eleanor is that you?” Terry called out to her.

She stopped and slowly turned around, and began to climb the steps to the door. “Hey.”

“Hey, come on in,” he waved at the driver, a signal that meant he would see to Eleanor getting home.

“It’s freezing out there. Let me take your coat,” he offered.

She slid her arms from the sleeves as she took in the beauty of the front room. An eclectic mix of traditional and modern that made her feel immediately at home. She was suddenly aware of his warmth, of his scent—a mix of spice, cedar and everything masculine. He’d been wearing the cologne for years and now it had only come to signify him—the epitome of him for her. How she’d missed it.

“Can I get you something to drink? Tea, right?”

“No. Nothing for me…”

They stood in the middle of the floor for a moment. He watched her closely and noticed her discomfort.

“Well why don’t we sit?” He gestured and he grabbed one of the leather recliners and sat.  She took the other.

He leaned back, his arms resting comfortably on the chair arms. For the first time she noticed he’d already changed his clothes to a tee-shirt and pair of sweats. His feet were shod in his slippers. Clearly she’d disturbed him from his bedtime routine.

“I’m just noticing that you were ready for bed. I wasn’t thinking. I came over here on impulse and now I think what I wanted to discuss can wait.”

“Are you sure, Elly?” He asked and he watched her intently. “I mean hasn’t enough time gone by?”


“I said hasn’t enough time gone by? It usually doesn’t take two years to tell someone something.”

She searched his face for anger or judgment, but what she saw was openness. His clear brown eyes searched hers and she knew he only wanted to hear truth from her.


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