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I’m a little late sharing this. I was featured among the USA Today Recommended Must-read Romances once again! I’m so appreciative to be mentioned among these other wonderful writers.Thanks so much Michelle Monkou!

Michelle Monkou says:

“Why you should read it: The dramatic saga of these friends and family around the Serenity Inn series continues with The Balm of Love. This time, Eleanor and Terry are face-to-face in an expected situation that provides the perfect opportunity for reflection on the verge of their divorce.

Nikki Walker turns the spotlight on each couple as they continue to face trials that test their faith and commitment. And when the trials rain down, the storm seems never-ending. Faith and persistence carry them through the darkness, and vulnerabilities are laid bare for judgment but also for forgiveness. Walker ensures there are lessons to be learned and valued in The Balm of Love.”

New Love Embraced CoverMust-read romances: ‘Destiny’s Captive,’ ‘This Holiday Magic,’ ‘Love Embraced’

Serenity Inn 2: Love Embraced by Nikki Walker

“Nikki Walker’s Serenity Inn 2: Love Embraced continues the love story of Lindsay and Chad. After the courtship and bloom of romance, real life steps in to test those bonds. A strong cast of characters enters and departs center stage with their imperfections and insecurities to add a bit of spice to the mix. As Lindsay and Chad are challenged, they must dig deep for what is important. Walker keeps the drama high enough to keep the pace steady and the story one of satisfactory enjoyment.”


The Rossellini Family CollectionRec’d romances: ‘The Lotus Palace,’ ‘The Rossellini Family,’ ‘Marrying the Cowboy’

HAPPY EVER AFTER  Michelle Monkou, Special for USA TODAY 12:19 a.m. EST February 24, 2014
The Rossellini Family Series by Nikki Walker

“Nikki Walker combines two stories of the Rossellini family under one cover. Fans of family intrigue and suspense will be in for a treat. With this introduction to the family where the past and present collide, and where hurts and sacrifices come to bear, romance and new beginnings promise a hopeful path. Walker writes with this message at the core of these heartfelt stories. Here’s to more installments of the Rossellini family.”


 A Love Worth Waiting For Cover    Michelle recs some 99-cent digital reads

Join me every week as I share a few shout-outs on romance author goings-on, related events and recommended reads.

A Love Worth Waiting For by Nikki Walker

“Good-friends-turned-lovers is never a bad start to a relationship. In Love Worth Waiting For, growing up can be painful and life’s lessons can be harsh. But for Chris Howard, a young widower and father of an infant daughter, he learns to view life as a precious gift not to be squandered.

While Chris picks up the pieces, Tina, his best friend’s sister, is at his side. She has lived a nightmare that he can’t begin to imagine. But as a teen, he’d been her knight when she needed him most. As adults, they’d headed down different paths. Now, Chris is ready to show her the beauty of life and the courage to believe in its blessings. What Chris wants most of all is to be more than Tina’s protector and friend, he wants to be her love.  Nikki Walker writes a romance that tugs on the heartstrings and elicits a happy sigh.”



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