Nikki’s Pampering Soaps & Things!

Renee basket order2  sml

Andrea Nicholls-Fountaine is grieving the loss of her daughter, trying to make sense of how her world was suddenly upended with one phone call. She decides to keep her daughter’s memory alive by creating a business doing the very thing that they shared. When Andrea suddenly finds herself attracted to the handsome detective Zane Perkins, she decides she is not ready for it-been there, done that. This is one complication she can do without in her life. Detective Zane Perkins decides to show her she’s wrong.

body 2butter bIn my story, “Been There & Done That,” ~ In Flames, Andrea is building on her soap gift basket business. This was something she’d begun with her daughter, Nikki who at the beginning of the story has committed suicide. Andrea continues with the business as a way of healing her grief.  She even later has Detective Zane Perkins helping–though he is willing to do anything to get closer to Andrea!  When you clicked on the link, many of you discovered that Nikki’s Pampering Things was a real online business.  Any-who, if you like, Andrea, are into natural soaps or would like to gift some a friend, please drop by my online store, Nikki’s Pampering Things! to check out my vegan soaps, soothing body butters, new pampering collections and comforting slippers. Hope to hear from you soon and please, by all means tell a friend!

Get the Blissfully Pampered Skin Collection today! This package features Almond body butter, organic coconut oil & your choice of Lavender or Cherry Almond vegan soaps.

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