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Finding You…When Love Called~ FREE All Day 4/15!

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The promises she made her mother sends her into flight. . . Scarred by her childhood, Lisa uses advice from her mother to dictate her life choices. After, “Never look back”, her mother told her to never let a man threaten her financial wellbeing.   Lisa does what she promised her mother- she runs, but finds along the way being vulnerable with the right person is not such a bad thing after all.

For Devin and Lana, their love story begins with a wrong phone number.  In an attempt to reach Lisa, Devin reaches Lana.  At his wit’s end, he vents to Lana who offers a compassionate ear.  Intrigued about the other, they begin a friendship that takes them on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

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What one reader said about Finding You…When Love Called:

“This is a story of love lost and love found. Normally when a couple does not survive a relationship its easy to root for one of the two. Ms Walker was able to create multi-dimensional and complex characters and I found myself rooting for them as an individual and as a couple. The story started out with despair by truly ended as a happily ever after.  This is the first time I read anything by Ms Walker and she nailed it.  She was able to create two storylines from one.  The story had a smooth flow and it was difficult to put down.  Whereas another writer may have created two books she pulled it together into one. Definitely wont be my last book from her.”